Adam Metsch


Which Colleges May Get Students to the Highest Paying Jobs?

Wondering which college will propel graduates into high-paying jobs? A recent Forbes ranking of top colleges compared how much students paid for their education and what kinds of job opportunities those graduates found when upon graduation. Interestingly enough, three private liberal arts colleges were included in the top 10 schools and one liberals arts college […]

Is College Worth It?

John Green (Author of “The Fault in Our Stars” and “Looking for Alaska”) shares his views on the value of college.

Why your College Aid Offer is so hard to understand

Deciphering Financial Aid Letters:  What You Need to Know. This is the time of year when students begin receiving scholarships and financial aid awards from schools.  Financial aid letters are confusing.  There is no standard format for financial aid award letters, making them difficult to interpret and to compare and contrast.  The reasons are not […]

Beware of Imitation College Advisors

If you’ve thought of hiring an advisor for college admissions or financial assistance, please keep reading, as the following may help you avoid an expensive mistake. Over the past decade, there has been significant growth in our profession. There is also an increase in “professionals” who call themselves college advisors or educational consultants. With this […]

529 Account Held Against You in Financial Aid?

Recently, a client asked me if I had seen the Wall Street Journal article suggesting that 529 accounts established by a student’s grandparent would count against them during the income assesssment of the financial aid process.  This doubt was disconcerting to the client because she understood that 529 accounts set up by a grandparent were exempt. I haven’t […]